Written by Bro Igbosanu Muyiwa

Oftentimes we focus our energies on celebrating landmark achievements and achievers, yes it's very very right and beautiful but do you know that the achievement might not have been recorded if...

Abraham is best know and celebrated as the father of faith (in God). But have you ever asked the question- who introduced him to God or how was he able to identify God (in Gen. 12).

Do you remember Samuel (1Sam 3)? He couldn't identify the one who was calling him, but thanks to Eli. 

The journey led by Terah (Gen 11:31) was to make Abraham's life easy. The distance Abraham would have covered (after his call in Gen. 12 ) would have been too great for him. He might have died or given up on the way.  

Today Terah might not be popular, but I am sure (and I will confirm in heaven) that Terah was Abraham's hero.

As we continue our heavenward journey, let us learn to appreciate those who are ahead of us. Never take them for granted, though it may look as if they were not led by God, be sure they were ordained by God. Remember, God works out everything in  conformity with the purpose of His will (Eph 1:11)

Gen 15:7 confirms that it was God that led Abraham (through Terah) out of Ur of Chaldeans. Also, Gen 31:53 reveals that Abraham served the God of Terah.

May the Lord grant all the 'Terahs' of this generation the grace to enjoy their reward.

Jesus be glorified