The Youth Workboard

Our History

The youth work Board is the administrative arm responsible for the youth and children ministry within the Diocese. Over the years the board has consistently been overseeing the spiritual growth of the youths and children in the Diocese. This is been done majorly through annual camping program. At inception the annual camps were held in various parishes, at that time the Board organised a single camp every year bringing together youths across age and educational barriers.
As a result of expansion the camp was first broken into three and later into four categories which are:
Primary school camp (for children in the primary school) usually held in April.
Junior Secondary School Camp (for students in Junior Secondary schools) held immediately after third term vacation.
Senior Secondary School Camp (for students in Senior Secondary schools) which also holds during the third term holiday.
Tertiary Camp (for undergraduates, postgraduate students and artisans) usually held between September and October.

Past Chairmen of the Board

  • Very Rev. E. A Awosoga (Later Bishop)
  • Ven. S.T. Sheyin (now Late)
  • Very Rev. M. O Soyanwo (Now Late)

Past Secretaries of the Board (Youth Chaplains)

  • Rev. T. O Akinboro (Now Ven.)
  • Rev. Kolawole Fasanmoye (Now Ven.)
  • Rev. Bobola Oluwaseun ( Now Ven. In Akure Diocese)
  • Rsev. S. B. Omosanya (later Ven. But now late)

Current Officers of the Board

Ven Sanmi Ajiboye
Director, Youth Workboard.
Canon Tope Tony Akinde
Diocesan Chaplain